We know Brandon Wilde.

The residents at Brandon Wilde live, eat and breathe the lifestyle here every day. So there’s no better group to hear from when you’re considering Brandon Wilde.

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"During this last year of the pandemic, we were re-convinced of the wisdom of the decision to move to Brandon Wilde. LCS® and the staff at Brandon Wilde really rose to the occasion, and we felt safe here. We appreciate all they have done and continue to do."
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John and Kathy Leysath

"Simply stated, we enjoy being physically active! One of the major reasons for moving to Brandon Wilde was the Wellness Program and Physical Activities Department (seven years ago). We wanted to maintain and even improve our wellness status. During the pandemic, the Wellness folks quickly offered Zoom classes and other exercise options when the Wellness Center was closed. We are so thankful they offered these classes because it helped us to continue to maintain and improve our wellness. "

Lawrence Russell

"In August 2017, a postcard arrived about an event at Brandon Wilde. We had never been here despite living nearby, didn’t know anyone who lived here, thought only rich people could live here (and we are not), and had an impression of “snootism.” I almost threw the postcard away, but I checked with Richard because the offering was a seminar on healthy aging. That had great appeal to me, and it struck a chord in him, so we showed up, and the rest is history."
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Bonnie Jennings

"Mike and I have not for a moment questioned the wisdom of our decision to move to Brandon Wilde 3.5 years ago. When we told friends we were moving, they were aghast, asking, “Why are you moving to a nursing home — you’re so healthy?” So many people just don’t get it. I always responded that the time to move to a place like Brandon Wilde is when you don’t have to move. By the time you have to, it’s probably too late for independent living — and its joys and financial benefits."
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Rhee Fincher

"We moved to Brandon Wilde in 2012. Moving here was hard given that we had to sell our home, get rid of stuff that we no longer used or needed, and downsize. Yet we soon came to realize had we waited to move to Brandon Wilde, it would have become increasingly difficult the longer we waited and could become eventually impossible. Our only regret was that we had not made the decision to move sooner."
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Ev Greenwood

"The staff at Brandon Wilde is concerned and caring. They make a point to learn your name. They go out of their way to provide excellent service. During an ice storm, I lost power. Maintenance came by and moved my entire freezer to another building that had power. Now that is what I call service! They did bring the freezer back — still full of frozen meat."
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Sandee Whitaker

"We moved to Brandon Wilde five years ago and haven’t regretted it once. The opportunities are endless for social, educational, physical and entertaining activities. We’ve made many friends here, mainly because of all these opportunities. We highly recommend Brandon Wilde as the place to retire and enjoy living in comfort, security, and with peace of mind. Our golden years are definitely golden at Brandon Wilde."

Buster and Janet Boshears

We chose to live at Brandon Wilde because it had an excellent reputation as a senior living community. There were many reasons we chose Brandon Wilde, including the food, maintenance, housekeeping, laundry, health care availability, exercise opportunities, trips to local events and attractions, beautiful landscaping, friendly staff, proximity to family and medical facilities, and spiritual activities."

The Meadows

"We feel our move to Brandon Wilde was a wise move as we are well taken care of and have less responsibility. I feel like the move was very wise as it relieved my husband of taking care of the yard and obtaining someone to handle maintenance."

Joanne O'Bryan

"We feel like moving to Brandon Wilde was a gift to our two children. They agree they are happy for us, and they feel we are secure. They don’t have to worry about us as much."

Cecil O'Bryan

"Brandon Wilde's employees have really stepped up to keep us safe during these difficult days of Social Distancing during COVID 19 times. We have Directors and Administrators from Wellness and Marketing doing all sorts of odd jobs, like taking temperatures, shopping, manning the gate, presenting special events, and setting up activity tables. Plant Ops and Security personnel are helping to man the gate, taking temps and delivering packages as well as performing their regular tasks. Our Housekeeping and Transportation staff have stepped up as well, helping residents who need extra assistance and keeping our facility safe. Our Dining staff have worked long and hard to provide us with good meals delivered to our residences. Our concierge and Front Office staff is front and center answering questions and being helpful. I am so grateful we live here."

Pat Sazon Morris, resident

“We love to travel. That’s one of the beauties of living here. It’s a secure environment. We just lock the door and go. Security checks on our home regularly for us.”

Louise Glassman, resident

“Brandon Wilde has something for everyone. If you have an interest or an activity you want to do, the staff will help you do it.”

John Leysath, resident

“There’s always something to look forward to — concerts, discussion groups... It’s fun every day.”

Linda Cook, resident

“It’s so wonderful here and there’s so much to do. I would encourage a decision sooner rather than later. It just makes sense to enjoy life.”

Sandee Whittaker, resident

“I like the variety they have on the menu here. They have 10-12 entrees to choose from every day.”

Bob Plastridge, resident

“The menu here is resident-driven. We use whole grains and local produce. We use superfoods like blueberries, quinoa, avocados, leafy greens, nuts and fresh fish.”

Chef Todd Greimel

“We appreciate the variety of people who live here. We have a lot of doctors, retired military and former professors.”

Charlie Moye, resident

“The people here are very social and outgoing. They go out of their way to introduce themselves.”

Terry Cook, resident

“Brandon Wilde is like its own little town. Everyone waves at everyone. Everyone knows everyone and everyone cares about everyone.”

Jacob Elliott, Executive Director