We know Brandon Wilde.

The residents at Brandon Wilde live, eat and breathe the lifestyle here every day. So there’s no better group to hear from when you’re considering Brandon Wilde.

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“We love to travel. That’s one of the beauties of living here. It’s a secure environment. We just lock the door and go. Security checks on our home regularly for us.”

Louise Glassman, resident

“Brandon Wilde has something for everyone. If you have an interest or an activity you want to do, the staff will help you do it.”

John Leysath, resident

“There’s always something to look forward to — concerts, discussion groups... It’s fun every day.”

Linda Cook, resident

“It’s so wonderful here and there’s so much to do. I would encourage a decision sooner rather than later. It just makes sense to enjoy life.”

Sandee Whittaker, resident

“I like the variety they have on the menu here. They have 10-12 entrees to choose from every day.”

Bob Plastridge, resident

“The menu here is resident-driven. We use whole grains and local produce. We use superfoods like blueberries, quinoa, avocados, leafy greens, nuts and fresh fish.”

Chef Todd Greimel

“We appreciate the variety of people who live here. We have a lot of doctors, retired military and former professors.”

Charlie Moye, resident

“The people here are very social and outgoing. They go out of their way to introduce themselves.”

Terry Cook, resident

“Brandon Wilde is like its own little town. Everyone waves at everyone. Everyone knows everyone and everyone cares about everyone.”

Jacob Elliott, Executive Director