Why We Moved to Brandon Wilde by Ev Greenwood

We moved to Brandon Wilde in 2012. Moving here was hard given that we had to sell our home, get rid of stuff that we no longer used or needed, and downsize. Yet we soon came to realize had we waited to move to Brandon Wilde, it would have become increasingly difficult the longer we waited and could become eventually impossible. Our only regret was that we had not made the decision to move sooner. Many residents here often express the same sentiment regretting that had not made the decision to move sooner for these reasons.

Both of us were in good health and almost daily walked the perimeter of Brandon Wilde. Yet after a couple of years, my wife developed an unexpected disabling health problem resulting her having to move into the Pavilion (skilled nursing). During this time, I continued to live in my residence and was able to visit and care for her daily to ensure she had the best possible care. Had I not lived at Brandon Wilde, I would have dealt with a major challenge of having to travel to visit her in a nursing home.

Over and above all this, we have developed close endearing friendships with people dealing with the same issues of old age. Beyond this, the support of our peers has provided me comfort and understanding as I grieved the loss of my wife.

In retrospect, we both feel strongly that our move to Brandon Wilde was absolutely the best decision we could have made. Life happens, and planning for the future is essential. Friends and acquaintances of ours consistently tell us we made the right decisions. Both of our children as well as relatives greatly appreciate our decision to move here.

Ev Greenwood