Why We Moved to Brandon Wilde by Rhee Fincher

Mike and I have not for a moment questioned the wisdom of our decision to move to Brandon Wilde 3.5 years ago. When we told friends we were moving, they were aghast, asking, “Why are you moving to a nursing home — you’re so healthy?” So many people just don’t get it. I always responded that the time to move to a place like Brandon Wilde is when you don’t have to move. By the time you have to, it’s probably too late for independent living — and its joys and financial benefits.

We love our cottage and all the freedom we have to pursue our hobbies (model building and working on old clocks for Mike, and woodworking and gardening for me), and we deeply appreciate the many services, but the main reason we moved here is for the health center care if/when we need it. Knowing we’re in a place where transitioning to more care if needed is part of the plan provides us great comfort. We have been pleasantly surprised that there are numerous organized activities into which all residents are welcomed, but no pressure to participate.

Rhee Fincher