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Cost of Brandon Wilde

How much does Brandon Wilde cost? It’s a question we hear often because when exploring retirement living options, some people come to the notion that a LifeCare® community like Brandon Wilde is too expensive. Their reasoning generally holds that it’s most cost-effective to stay in their homes, especially if the home is paid off.

While there are many reasons you may wish to stay in your home, it’s important that you look closely at all the costs of aging in place versus in a community.

Staying in your house
Even without a mortgage, living at home isn’t free. You know the costs. There are normal, monthly expenses – utilities and services, such as landscaping or cleaning. Add in maintenance, both the expected and the unexpected, from faucets and appliances to a new roof or HVAC. It all adds up.

In addition, because a senior living community includes activities and amenities, you’ll want to add in costs for expenses like pools, gyms, classes, transportation, lectures and so on.

But there’s more. Because when your plan is to age in place, you’ll also want to think about the modifications your home may need to keep you safe. It also means being prepared to bring into your home the service providers who can help if you have health care needs.

LifeCare costs
Now let’s discuss the costs of moving to a community with LifeCare (sometimes called a Type A contract). There’s a one-time entrance fee, which is often partially refundable to you or your estate. The amount of your entrance fee depends on the size of the residence you choose, and the number of people living in the residence.

The entrance fee assures access to the entire continuum of care. What this means is that as a healthy, active senior you move into an independent living apartment home, and then should your needs ever change, you’ll have access to a higher level of care, all without the worry of leaving the place you already call home. This provides precious peace of mind to you, and your loved ones.

In addition, there are also tax benefits. Many new residents can qualify for a tax deduction on their entrance fee and monthly services fees. These fees are deductible due to the fact that they represent a charge or pre-payment for future health care. Talk to your accountant or tax advisor for more specific information about how much you could potentially save.

At Brandon Wilde, your monthly service fee covers a variety of services such as regular nutritious meals, interior and exterior maintenance, household utilities, housekeeping, scheduled transportation, and activities and events. With a varied range of social activities to stay engaged in life and opportunities to improve overall wellness, you’ll continue to lead an enriching, vibrant lifestyle no matter what the future brings.

As you compare, you’ll discover that the costs of community life can compare favorably to the costs of aging in place at home. And studies show that individuals who move to a continuing care retirement community when they are still independent are more likely to stay that way longer than those who choose to age in place in their homes.

In Evans, GA, and the greater Augusta area, Brandon Wilde is the only community to offer LifeCare.