Senior man relaxing with dog at home

What Your Dog Will Love About Living at Our Senior Living Community

A Dog’s Opinion: Life Is Great in This Senior Living Community

Did you know that a maintenance-free lifestyle in senior living means your human doesn’t have to deal with yardwork, home repairs or constantly cleaning the house? This gives them a lot more free time. And while it seems like most of our owners know how to handle retirement, it’s actually up to us pups to help them make the most of their newfound freedom, which is why a pet friendly senior living is so important!

From going on walks to getting pampered at the groomer, here are 5 pawsome ways you can show your human the good life when they retire in Evans, GA. 

1. Stretch your paws with a delightful morning walk

Without having to get up early for work or mow the lawn to beat the Georgia heat, your human might want to sleep in more often than just on the weekends. When you’re ready for your morning walk, a few wet kisses as soon as the sun rises is just the trick to get them out of bed and start the day with pawsitivity. 

The pups at Brandon Wilde like to start the day with a big adventure. Our community is a certified National Wildlife Federation mini-refuge, which means we walk through a wonderland of sights, sounds and smells every morning. After stretching our paws on a long walk, we like to stretch out for a nap at home. It’s the perfect paw-pportunity for mom and dad to go play pickleball or swim laps in the pool.

2. Feel refreshed with regular trips to the groomer

At our senior living community, we don’t really send humans to the groomer, but they do like to pamper themselves at the on-site salon and spa. There, they can relax with a variety of professional hair and nail services to help them look and feel their best.

Even though you can’t go with your owner to the salon and spa, there are still plenty of great places for pets to polish up in Evans, GA. A Plus Dog Grooming specializes in small breeds 20 pounds and under, and is only 5 minutes away from Brandon Wilde. Animal Boutique is just 6 minutes away in Martinez, GA, and offers grooming services for both cats and dogs. 

3. Meet new friends and run wild at the dog park

The private dog park at Brandon Wilde is the perfect paw-opportunity to unleash and get to know your neighbors. And with it being steps away from your front door, you can lead your mom or dad right to it during every walk. They can sit back and chat with friends, while you and your canine pals safely roam leash-free. 

You’ll also find pawsome public dog parks near our community in Evans. In just 10 minutes, you can feel the wind through your fur at Riverside Park, which includes a large open space, with a special section for small breeds. About 20 minutes away in Augusta, GA, you’ll find Pendleton King Park, where you can unleash your pup and test their skills on agility equipment. 

4. Take your human out on the town

There are several dog-friendly patios near Evans, where your owner can enjoy delicious food and their favorite beverage with you by their side. One of the most pawpular spots is Bodega Ultima in Augusta, where you can enjoy a menu that boasts seasonal creations, share plates, coffee cocktails, and more on a Spanish-inspired patio. For a more down-to-earth atmosphere, share a slice of stone-baked pizza on a charming little patio at Mellow Mushroom, which is just 4 minutes away from our community.

In only a 3-minute walk from Brandon Wilde, you can treat your human to furtastic experience at Petco in Mullins Crossing, where you can show them your favorite snacks, toys, and even keep up with your vaccinations at the Vaccination Clinic. There are stores in Mullins Crossing just for humans too! Find quality time with your new chew toy  by sending your owners out to shop at places like Kohl’s, Ulta, Target, Marshalls, and Old Navy.

5. Relax with your pals while your owner works in the garden

One of the best ways to encourage your human to lead an active lifestyle is by soaking up sun in the community garden. Since you can’t dig any holes of your own, put your paws up with other pups and watch your humans break a sweat showing off their green thumb. All you need to do is lie down, roll over, and enjoy the beautiful Georgia weather.

You can give your mom and dad a little inspiration for their garden by taking them to Greenbriar Nursery, which welcomes humans and dogs of all sizes to sniff out their wide variety of annuals, perennials, handmade goods, gardening supplies, and more. Just remember to bring your leash and stay on your best behavior. 

There’s Plenty of Space for Four Paws in an Apartment Home at Brandon Wilde

At the Brandon Wilde Life Plan Community in Evans, GA, they understand how important it is for humans and their pets to live a vibrant, comfortable, and altogether agreeable lifestyle. Their well-appointed homes have plenty of space for furry, feathered, and finned family members, plus lots of thoughtful services and amenities the human residents seem to be crazy about. To schedule a tour and see it all firsthand – including what a great life we dogs have here – contact their residency counselors.