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EverSafe 360°: Introducing the New Standard of Senior Safety

In our pursuit of overall senior safety and wellbeing in any situation, Brandon Wilde has adopted a new program, EverSafe 360°. This forward-thinking plan with detailed preparedness is just one of many ways we put our residents first.

What Is EverSafe 360°?

EverSafe 360° is an innovative signature program created by LCS® — a full-service company dedicated to improving the lives of seniors. This program provides a multidimensional approach to resident and team member health and safety, as well as emergency preparedness.

EverSafe 360° will set the standard for cleaning and disinfecting protocols, as well as science-based solutions for restricting the spread of contagious diseases. But LCS knows staying healthy isn’t only about remaining germ-free. Tending to residents’ mental and emotional health is a crucial factor in emergency response. Cherished seniors and team members live and work in senior living communities, and this program is designed to help keep them safe, healthy and happy.

Who Sets the Protocols?

LCS has appointed a medical advisory board with physicians and environmental specialists. This board will ground the program in a scientific understanding of infectious diseases, mental health, geriatrics and epidemiology.

How Will Brandon Wilde Implement EverSafe 360°?

Brandon Wilde is managed by Life Care Services®, an LCS company, giving us easy access to their wealth of knowledge. Brandon Wilde is dedicated to providing a tailored experience to their residents. We’ve heeded and will continue to heed the insights and findings from LCS and their advisory board, and determine how to make them work best in our community.

Partnership with Augusta University Health

If they can’t make it to a doctor’s office, our residents can speak to trusted physicians and other medical professionals through confidential telehealth appointments. Our team can help with setting up the appointment and the necessary technology if the residents require assistance.

Specialized Cleaning Program

Within EverSafe 360°, LCS has partnered with Procter and Gamble to create EverClean 360°. This program will outline cleaning protocols and supply top-grade products. EverClean 360° outlines modern best practices, including electrostatic disinfecting and UV lighting measures.

Indoor Air Quality Inspections

To better control airborne pathogens, Brandon Wilde will be inspecting our heating, venting and cooling systems. We will look for solutions to direct or contain airflow as necessary to protect residents and team members.

Flex Spaces

The Common Gathering Flex Space initiative within EverSafe 360° will create different plans for shared spaces within Brandon Wilde to optimize their usefulness in any number of situations — such as natural disasters, pandemics and other disruptive events. The team will account for the physical attributes and space available to design new setups to respond to current needs.

Resident Engagement and Communication

Mental and emotional health are imperative to resiliency in trying times. And clear regular communication keeps everyone informed and connected, so we can get through challenges together. Brandon Wilde will optimize our use of our resident portal, Caremerge, and our in-house television channel, CaremergeTV. Even when we’re advised to stay physically separate, we can provide the interesting programming and engagement our residents love. We’re also currently rolling out a family engagement portal through Caremerge that will allow us to provide regular updates to residents’ loved ones.

As we move forward, we want to be sure Brandon Wilde has a plan for the health and safety of our team members and residents in an emergency. EverSafe 360° allows us to draw from the wealth of knowledge and experience LCS has acquired nationwide and tailor solutions to our unique community.

If you’d like to learn more about our holistic approach to wellness, overall senior safety or our emergency preparedness protocols, reach out to us. We would be happy to tell you more.