Why We Moved to Brandon Wilde by John and Kathy Leysath

In June-July 2013, we started looking around for an indoor pool and happened to check with Brandon Wilde. We came and looked at the gym and pool areas and asked if we could use them. At that time, they had a future residents program you could join and participate in the programs, use the gym, and eat here just as if you lived here. Thinking that in a couple of years we may move here, we joined and started working out five days a week, eating in the dining room one day a week, then two days, finally up to seven days a week! By participating in the programs, we met many residents and employees, all of whom we dearly loved. We loved the campus beauty with all the trees and flowers. By December 2013, we decided this is where we wanted to be and moved in as soon as we were old enough. We never regretted it a moment.

During this last year of the pandemic, we were re-convinced of the wisdom of the decision. LCS® and the staff at Brandon Wilde really rose to the occasion, and we felt safe here. We appreciate all they have done and continue to do.