Why I love living at Brandon Wilde

The staff at Brandon Wilde is concerned and caring. They make a point to learn your name. They go out of their way to provide excellent service. During an ice storm, I lost power. Maintenance came by and moved my entire freezer to another building that had power. Now that is what I call service! They did bring the freezer back — still full of frozen meat.

The programming here at Brandon Wilde is excellent. They provide everything from music, workout sessions and art courses to discussion sessions, games, and the list goes on. There is hardly a day I can’t find something I want to do. Even during the COVID-19 restrictions, the wellness staff found ways to keep us upbeat and in good spirits.

Health services have come to my rescue more than once. They are on top of emergency needs as well as longer-term care. Both my husband and I have been beneficiaries of the care and attention in rehab. I don’t know what we would have done without the attention of the fine staff and the excellent programming available in the Pavilion.

My fellow residents are wonderful. They come from many locations, but they all seem to want to make new friends and live an active lifestyle. The residents support each other and back you up during the good times as well as the times when a good friend is really what you need the most.

Sandee Whitaker