Why Augusta, GA, Is Perfect for Solo Aging

Finding community in retirement is one of the best perks of senior living. With all kinds of activities and social gatherings to meet new people and make new friends, you can expand your social circle in no time in a community of your peers.

“Socialization is vital to our health, especially for older adults,” says Sandy Shirk, Director of Sales and Marketing at Brandon Wilde, a senior living community in Georgia. “Studies show that daily interaction with friends promotes emotional well-being. That’s why we offer a robust social and activity calendar for our residents.”

Senior living is a great option for older adults who live alone and are looking for a community or who are married and looking to plan for the future. Here, you can live a relaxed retirement lifestyle that focuses on your physical, social, and emotional well-being. Learn why Augusta, GA, is perfect for your retirement.

Benefits of Solo Aging in an Independent Living Community

Moving to a senior living community is a great fit for many retirees because it opens the door to new opportunities to keep learning, growing, and living life to the fullest. Let’s explore some of the benefits of aging in a senior living community:

Motivation to Rightsize

When you’re moving to a one-bedroom apartment in your new community, you’re not downsizing; you’re rightsizing. It’s common for older adults who live in houses to only use about two or three of the rooms. In your new apartment, you’ll have everything you need in a modern and bright space where you can relax and enjoy your rightsized living.

But you’re not meant to spend all your time in your apartment with an entire community at your fingertips – that’s what the on-campus amenities are for.

“The amenities are like an extension of your apartment – and you get to enjoy them whenever you want,” says Sandy. “At Brandon Wilde, we have 73 acres dedicated to providing our residents with the best life possible. They can take advantage of our many amenities, including an indoor heated saltwater pool, an auditorium, walking trails, bike paths, a dog park, mini-gardens, an art room, a woodworking shop, and a billiards and darts room.”

Maintenance-Free Living

In a senior living community, your days are centered around what you want to do. There’s no more keeping up with the lawn, housekeeping, cooking, or fixing appliances. Your community takes care of all the hassles of home ownership. This clears your schedule to attend a tai chi class in the morning, meet up with friends for lunch, go for a leisurely stroll on the beautiful grounds in the afternoon, and look forward to the friendly faces you’ll see at dinner.

A Built-In Social Life

Living in a retirement community is one of the best ways to expand your social circle. A community setting provides plenty of opportunities for social interaction, friendships, and fun, which is perfect if you want to branch out. Even if you enjoy your alone time, the everyday interactions in a close-knit community can help you stay socially connected.

An Independent Future

Choosing independent living is a decision that can actually help you maintain your autonomy. In a community that encourages wellness through physical fitness, social interaction, nutrition, and having fun each day, you’ll be moving your body and engaging your brain, all to the benefit of your well-being and independence.

You also have peace of mind that should your health needs change, everything you need to live well is on campus, including access to senior care if needed.

Area Attractions for Seniors Near Augusta, GA

Our location, just 10 miles northwest of Augusta, GA, offers plenty of local attractions for older adults. You’ll find dining and shopping venues right across the street from our campus, and Evans Town Center is just up the road, where you can see concerts at the Columbia County Performing Arts Center or the Lady A Pavilion.

Why Seniors Love Life at Brandon Wilde

As a resident at Brandon Wilde, you can enjoy all of the following in your senior living community:

  • Amenities and services so you can live an active retirement
  • A wellness-focused lifestyle to help you feel your best
  • Plenty of exciting things to do on campus

You also have peace of mind that the care you need is right on campus – allowing you to age in place.

Rightsize Your Life at Brandon Wilde

Join the many seniors who have chosen to make Brandon Wilde their home for retirement – call us at 706-868-3552 to learn more and schedule a visit to our beautiful community.