They’re Playing Our Song: The Musical Talents of the Residents of Brandon Wilde



Appreciating culture and the arts is a cornerstone of Brandon Wilde, a Life Plan community in Georgia. Residents have all kinds of opportunities to express their artistic side and let their creativity flow. One of the ways residents showcase their talents is with the Brandon Wilde Choir. View their journey through video:

“The Brandon Wilde Choir is a wonderful group of residents who come together to make music,” said Sandy Shirk, Director of Sales & Marketing at Brandon Wilde. “We’re always excited to attend their performances and experience the joy of music with the choir.”

The Brandon Wilde Choir has 38 members of talented men and women who all share a love of music. They meet once a week for practice. The choir performs various songs, including songs from the 40s, songs from musicals, sacred music, and Christmas Carols.

Residents at Brandon Wilde can look forward to three full-length concerts and several mini concerts for the Health Center and Vespers.

One resident commented on how much they enjoyed being a part of the choir.“I love it! I sing all the way to choir practice and on the way back to my apartment!”

Joan Miller, director of the Brandon Wilde Choir, said, “At Brandon Wilde, I am able to direct an amazing group of people who want to bring the joy of singing to others. It is also a very healthy habit!” 

She noted that some residents were tentative about joining because they “used to sing.” She responded, “Come sing anyway!”

Many members have some musical background singing in a church or high school choir. There are also members who have never sung in a choir before. Regardless of musical background, anyone who wants to participate in the choir is welcome to do so.

A choir member commented that they learned never to give up. “Being in the choir makes me enjoy music even more!”

Another choir member, George Morgan, remarked on getting out of the hospital one day and singing his solo the next day. 

There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that helps the choir to thrive. The choir has its own resident accompanist, Stephanie Bray, who has a background in accompanying her church on the piano. Choir member Dem Cabacungan is the choir librarian. She orders the music, makes copies for the choir members, and creates programs for their performances.

Joan Miller said, “[I] love it! This is my first experience directing a senior choir. It is so much fun and very rewarding. Singing ‘Side by Side’ forms such a bond of friendship, and as seniors, we love to laugh as well as sing!”

If you want to learn more about how Brandon Wilde Choir came to be, watch the video here. You’ll see the Brandon Wilde Choir in action in addition to interviews with Joan and choir members.

senior ladies singing in choir

The Benefits of Singing for Seniors

Studies show that singing reduces depression, anxiety, and pain levels in seniors. When residents join the choir, they make new friends who have the same passion as they do about music. This provides them with a new group to socialize with and prevents isolation and loneliness.

One resident said their favorite part of the Brandon Wilde Choir is, “Being with everyone! Socialization!”

Explore Your Talents at Brandon Wilde

At Brandon Wilde, your passions thrive. We invite you to call us at 706-868-3552 to schedule a visit and learn more about our residents’ vibrant and active lifestyle.

Group Of Seniors Singing In Choir Together