Senior man doing physical therapy exercises

Outpatient Therapy at Senior Living Communities

As a proud member of the Augusta, Georgia, community, Brandon Wilde is thrilled to offer outpatient therapy for seniors in the wider area. We have great success in working with our residents in our new outpatient gym, but we also want seniors outside our campus to know that an illness or injury doesn’t have to derail their daily lives for long. The expertise in senior care and the specialized equipment and setting are just some of the smart reasons for seniors to seek out therapy services in personal care communities. But first, what is outpatient therapy?

What is Outpatient Therapy?

Outpatient therapy is a treatment in which older adults receive a personalized plan of action from trained professionals in fields such as physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy. Each individualized treatment plan is designed to help seniors overcome functional, physical or communicative challenges. Between sessions, patients return home to continue their exercises on their own; they don’t stay on-site in the community because a physician has determined they don’t require 24-hour monitoring or assistance.

The alternative would be short-term inpatient therapy, which would simply mean that the senior remains on the campus for the course of their treatment. Nursing care would be available for them around the clock. They would receive chef-prepared meals each day, and they would be welcome to participate in the social, cultural, recreational and spiritual activities on the campus.

When Do Seniors Need Outpatient Therapy?

There are many reasons older adults may be referred to outpatient therapy. Most seniors use it to prepare for or recover after surgery or to treat chronic pain, weakness, reduced range of motion, impaired balance or coordination, or diminished endurance.

Outpatient therapy for seniors can help with a person’s recovery from a traumatic event, but it can also significantly improve everyday life. If a senior wants to begin a new exercise program but is living with underlying medical issues, outpatient physical therapy can help. If they’re having trouble swallowing, finding more difficulty communicating or experiencing increasing memory issues, outpatient speech therapy can offer tools and guidance to ease or overcome those challenges. When they find everyday actions more challenging due to neurological or physical conditions, outpatient occupational therapy can help older adults find new strategies to accomplish them.

What Does Success Look Like in Outpatient Therapy?

Success means better days for the seniors who come through our doors. Older adults who’ve benefited from therapy services in personal care communities like Brandon Wilde often come back and say, “I can put my socks on independently now — I couldn’t before!” or “I used to have so much pain in my shoulder, but now I can drive without pain.” One woman came in before her surgery for “pre-hab,” and she significantly reduced her recovery period afterward. This is the goal of rehabilitation clinicians — to see seniors living better lives each day, with less pain and fewer challenges.

If you’d like to find out more about the outpatient therapy services we offer at Brandon Wilde, let us know. As the only senior living community in the region to offer aquatic therapy, we can share more information about our resources, the specific treatments available and the expert team members who can help you reach your goals.