Golden Years: Meet Frank and Jeannie Spears, Brandon Wilde’s Most Adventurous Couple

Frank and Jeannie with a grandchildWhen Frank Spears, a Florida native, moved to Georgia for his work as an insurance adjuster, he never expected that he would settle down and meet the girl of his dreams. Only three months into his new life, Frank met the wonderful Jeannie and they have been planning their lives together ever since.


Frank and Jeannie, now retired from the insurance business and living as empty nesters after raising two sons, have been planning this next phase of their lives for decades. When the conversation came about downsizing their home, the couple knew exactly where to look: Brandon Wilde, a retirement community located in Evans, Ga. The couple now spends their downtime in one of the community’s blissful cottages. Looking for the right place to settle was far more than just location. It was all about finding a place that would match their adventurous lifestyle.

Frank and Jeannie at the beachStarting in their fifties, the Spears decided they wanted to travel and jet-set around the world. They have done everything from cage-diving with great white sharks, to close encounters with giant Komodo dragons, and scuba diving in every single ocean in the world. Finding a place to retire and call home was something the Spears had been planning for decades. As Frank puts it, Brandon Wilde is great for them because they can “…leave, lock the door, and come home.”

The couple remarked that Brandon Wilde quickly became more than just a place for them to settle down into their retirement years. For Frank and Jeannie, it was much more about the comfort and community they found upon arrival and the convenience of having everything they would ever want right in their backyard.


Frank scuba diving with jelly fishFor example, Frank, a self-proclaimed “planner”, unexpectedly had to undergo back fusion surgery, while also receiving radiation treatment for prostate cancer. Many of us, when faced with unexpected news, might not know what to do next. Frank, however, lives his life by the mantra,  “Adjust. Adapt. Accept.” and he did just that. With a little help from the staff at Brandon Wilde’s rehabilitation center, he was able to make a full recovery. Jeannie, right by his side during his time of recovery, noted that having accessible care so close to them gave her comfort and peace of mind during this challenge.


So what’s next for this thrill-seeking couple? Feeling ready and raring to go, the Spears have a lot planned for themselves in 2022. Cruises in the Caribbean islands and holidays in Hawaii and Honduras are just some of the many adventures they have coming up this year. From homeownership, parenthood, and running a business together to their new epicurean lifestyle, the Spears are redefining what it means to be retired and loving every minute of it. There’s truly no stopping Frank and Jeannie from living the decades-in-the-making life they anticipated together. Brandon Wilde is allowing them to do just that… as planned.


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