Brandon Wilde Partners with Aegis Therapies for Exceptional Rehabilitation Services

Programs available to area residents — whether or not they live full-time in the lifeplan community

Through an innovative partnership with Aegis Therapies, Brandon Wilde is offering top-tier rehabilitation and therapy services on its beautiful campus in the Augusta, Ga. area.

Aegis’ WellConnected suite of therapy services at Brandon Wilde includes out-patient pre-surgery therapy, in-patient post-surgery rehabilitation, out-patient therapies, and LSVT BIG and LSVT LOUD, which improve communication and motor function in people with Parkinson’s disease.

Everyone in the region has the opportunity to benefit from Brandon Wilde’s rehabilitation programs — even non-senior adults in need of post-illness, post-injury, or post-surgical care.

“There’s a common misconception out there that in order to receive the exceptional care that Brandon Wilde rehabilitation offers, you must live at Brandon Wilde,” says Larry Banks, Healthcare Administrator at Brandon Wilde. “In fact, our services are available to the general public. We also welcome new residents directly into our personal care, memory care, and skilled nursing neighborhoods.”

Physician Accountability and Outcomes

In addition to amazing care and hospitality, people receiving rehabilitation services at Brandon Wilde benefit from Aegis Therapies’ focus on day-to-day functional progress and best outcomes. The patient’s own primary care physician receives comprehensive information about progress during and after rehabilitation, ensuring continuity of care and accountability.

A commitment to clinical excellence has made Brandon Wilde a national leader in the percentage of short-stay residents who made improvements in function. On average, people who rehabilitate at Brandon Wilde improve functionality in key activities of daily living (ADLs) well above market and national averages. This means that they are likely to need less assistance moving forward and are more likely to be able to return to pre-surgical/pre-illness/pre-injury activities.

Brandon Wilde senior rehabilitation outcomes vs national average


Aegis Therapies’ WellConnected program at Brandon Wilde offers a comprehensive suite of therapies and services that help you live life to the fullest.

Prehab is a cutting-edge pre-surgery therapy that allows you to get a jump start on your post-surgery rehabilitation, allowing you to return to your usual activities even sooner.

Post-Surgical Rehab at Brandon Wilde means expert care, personalized attention, and legendary hospitality in a comfortable setting.

Aqua Therapy is provided in the community’s easy-entry heated saltwater pool

Skilled Therapy includes speech, occupational, and physical therapies.

Out-Patient Therapy allows area seniors convenient access to expert Aegis Therapists who specialize in helping active adults.

LSVT BIG and LOUD is a comprehensive treatment provided by certified therapists who help those with Parkinson’s disease develop adaptive techniques to address speaking, walking, balance, and other activities of daily living.

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