Assisted Living in Evans, Georgia

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If you or a loved one needs a little help with the activities of daily living — getting dressed, bathing, meals, transportation, housekeeping or grooming — assisted living at Brandon Wilde, located just minutes northwest of Augusta, GA, in Evans, GA, is an excellent option. Open to area seniors, you’ll receive the care and needed support from specially trained LPNs, nursing assistants, and other members of our senior living staff you already know and trust. Our assisted living residences are located in the same building as our independent living apartment homes, so friends and familiar surroundings are always nearby.

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There’s so much to do at Brandon Wilde. We offer a full schedule of activities every day.

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You’ll also have access to all the community dining options, services and amenities, as well as these additional services to help you maintain your independence:

Assisted living floor plans.

Our private suites provide a comfortable place for residents to relax while also maintaining their safety and security.

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Colonnade Suite

Assisted Living Frequently Asked Questions

Assisted living provides a distinct combination of individualized care, familiar neighborhood surroundings and professional expertise. You’re assured ongoing wellness evaluations and levels of service that address your specific needs. Licensed, compassionate team members assist with daily tasks as needed, and the many amenities and life-enriching activities are geared toward helping you more easily enjoy what matters most to you.

It’s best to start with a physician’s assessment. Depending on the circumstances of your situation, or that of your loved one, you can match needs to the right level of assistance. When help with daily tasks is needed — taking medicines, bathing, dressing, meals, transportation and housekeeping — assisted living can be the answer. Trained professionals provide support while helping preserve your independence.

At Brandon Wilde, we offer a full continuum of care. In addition to assisted living, we provide memory care, rehabilitation and skilled nursing. These levels of living provide around-the-clock care for individuals recovering from illness or injury, or those needing more long-term care or support.

Assisted Living is for seniors who need extra help with the activities of daily living, while Memory Care is for those who struggle with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Read more about the difference between Assisted Living and Memory Care on our blog.