During These WILDE Times, Life Has Not Stopped

Here at Brandon Wilde, staying safe means so much more than wearing masks and keeping social distance. It means finding creative ways to thrive as a community and to make sure life is still full of wilde joy, wilde fun and wilde love.

At Brandon Wilde, we’re here for you. Our vigilant protocols mean you’re protected and supported during any situation. And from delivering meals to delivering positivity, we do everything possible to keep our residents enjoying safe activities and keeping spirits lifted.

Life has continued by:

  • Daily delivery of hot meals
  • Daily delivery of mail, newspapers, and packages
  • Grocery store and pharmacy runs
  • Social Distance Exercise classes
  • TED Talks on BW-TV
  • Weekly “How Does Your Garden Grow” newsletter featuring resident’s gardens
  • A campus wide “Where’s Waldo” where residents search for the weekly hidden Waldo
  • Fishing poles provided to residents to fish on the campus’s lake whenever
  • Their very own Master’s Golf Tournament
  • Local artist hired to create chalk art
  • 73-acre of gorgeous grounds and paths to walk with friends
  • Compassionate and knowledgeable Brandon Wilde staff on campus daily

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