Senior woman walking along path with senior living caregiver

Why Location Matters for Your Health Care

There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding where to retire. Do you want to stay in your current location? Will you move to be closer to children and grandchildren? How should you best prepare for potential future senior healthcare needs?

Some of these questions are more personal in nature, and you should use your best judgment. Others, however, are more involved. For instance, many of us must decide if we want to age in our homes or move to an independent living community where we will be surrounded by new friends while enjoying a host of amenities and daily activities.

Senior Care in the Augusta/Evans Area

Whether you decide to stay in your home or move to a retirement community, it’s beneficial to do a bit of research on the availability of healthcare options in your area. If you happen to live in or around Augusta or Evans, Georgia, you won’t have to worry about your future health care needs. Augusta is well known for its access to great healthcare, particularly senior healthcare, options.

Moving to a retirement community is a personal decision, but they do have many benefits, particularly when it comes to senior care. That said, not all retirement communities are the same. For instance, Brandon Wilde is what’s known as a Life Plan Community.

Life Plan Communities Explained

Life Plan Communities offer a wide variety of services (maintenance, linen service, housekeeping, dining) and amenities (fitness area, pool, classes, and clubs and socialization activities) for those enjoying independent living along with higher levels of care, including personal care, memory care, short-term rehabilitation and skilled nursing.

LifeCare® is a type of contract offered by Life Plan Communities. We won’t go into the fine print here, but there are many benefits to moving to a community that offers LifeCare®:

  • A wide variety of included services, amenities, wellness programs, dining and healthcare at a predictable monthly rate.
  • Guaranteed access to a full continuum of quality on-site care, including personal care, short- and long-term rehab, skilled nursing and memory care, at predictable monthly rates that are far below market rates
  • A portion of your entrance fee is refundable to you or your estate

Choose Brandon Wilde for Your Future

As a Life Plan Community close to Augusta, it’s already apparent that Brandon Wilde is a great option. But our community doesn’t stop there. We offer concierge medicine, and all our senior healthcare and wellness programs are rooted in what we call our 8 dimensions of wellness. All of which are designed to enhance and support the lifestyle you want to enjoy.

Brandon Wilde has been voted Best Senior Living and Assisted Living for many years in The Augusta Chronicle’s Cyber City’s Best Community Choice Awards and Columbia County Magazine’s 100 Best. But we don’t rest on our success. The latest example of our continued dedication to senior care can be seen in our recently completed renovations at Colonnade, the personal care area of our community.

Whether you’re new to the Augusta/Evans, GA, area or have lived here all your life, you’re never a stranger at Brandon Wilde. If you’d like to learn more about our senior living options or join us for a visit of our beautiful community, just let us know. We’d love to show you around.